Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY Dish Towels

I know what you're thinking. Dish towels? Kinda boring... I know, because I'd be thinking the same thing. But honestly, the end product is pretty fun and satisfying. They're also extremely useful, a great way to recycle, and easy to decorate. So basically, you take an old threadbare bath towel and cut it into pieces. After, just hem the sides. You don't have to hem the tops because, if you cut it like me, the tops will be from the sides of the towel, which are already finished.

At first it was really frustrating, because the machine got jammed with thread and lint. Also, by the end it was reallllly boring and I got slower and slower and S L O W E R. You'd think by the end I'd be aching to finish and zipping through, but it was so repetitive I went super slow. However, it's pretty satisfying, and I was able to make 4 towels in an hour.

I also cut off the borders from the top and bottom of the towel, overlapped them, and zipped a seam right down the center. Ta-da! Fancy towel.

Don't ask about the pineapple, it seemed fitting... like you might be at a fancy spa or something...

That soap is from the Sheraton. You might be able to tell by the big S on it...

Have a lovely Sunday! :{

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  1. Cool! I did get your ring.. I'm writing you a letter and a post about it right now! LOVE IT! It's a wee bit big but it still works!

    THANK YOU HUNNY! {that was weird...}