Friday, January 28, 2011

Glass and Paper Bead Bracelet Tutorial

My new fixation is paper beads. I have drooled on them for awhile (more like one day), and decided to make them. So I made some this morning, but my mom wouldn't let me bring them to school, for fear of poking someone's eye out with the skewer I was using to roll the beads on. I used an old music sheet: Family Guy. Yuck. That, and the fact that it plainly stated I was a third trumpet and not a first, gave me no qualms about cutting up a perfectly good music sheet.
So, you will need some paper (newspaper, book pages, magazine pages, etc.), glue, mod podge (optional), scissors, and something to roll your beads on.
1. Cut out long, skinny triangles. I free handed mine, but they were approximately 1" by 11."
2. Roll the triangles tightly onto your skewer, pencil, toothpick, etc., starting from the widest part.
3. For about the last inch from the tip , use glue to stick the end down and seal the bead.
4. If you have a long wooden skewer, you can leave your beads there and then coat your beads with mod podge or some sort of spray on sealer so that they're shiny.
5. String them on! Make a bracelet with glass beads, clay beads, metal charms--the possibilities are endless. I used green glass beads and embroidery floss and then joined it with a fisherman's joining knot, like so:
I got this pic from this site. Enjoy your new paper beads--I hope you like them as much as I do. :)

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  1. great job! Check out my blog :) I think you would like it!